TypingPal Online - the best course to learn typng...online!
Children Programming - This page has information on computer books and software to help children learn about computers, programming, and creating multimedia programs.
Dictionary of Computer Terms
How Microprocessors Work
How Computers Work
Kids Shareware Software - Here you'll find shareware and freeware for the Mac and PC, commercial demos, reviews of children's software, and other fun activities for kids.
Kids & Computers - Programming computers with Logo Microworlds.
Online Games - This is a great website for online games and puzzles.
KeyPals - This is a great website for starting a project with another class, or creating a new friendship with someone on the other side of the globe.
Surf Swell Island - Adventures in Internet Safety. This is a great site to teach kids and parents about internet safety including avoiding viruses and maintaining privacy.
Yahooligans - Get the latest on popular searches, check out the best of the Web, and find new ways to explore Yahooligans!